Neo Blade
Name: Neo-Ken
Rank: Unknown
Type: Transformer
Abilities/Addons The Element Posion
Range: Far
Creator: Kouseitan'i clan
User(s): Sairento E. Kouseitan'i

The Neo-ken is a special crafted blade gifted only for the young. It is created by the Kouseitan'i clan, choosen by Emanyeru. He felt this blade was not for his children, he felt it needed a young responsible weilder. So Emanyeru saved this blade for his nephew, Sairento Kouseitan'i. Its ablitys are well unknown, only Emanyeru have seen it in battle besides its weilder. First ablity is its very much light weight, Sairento can move at full speed with this blade. Second ablity is when cut by this blade the chakra will start to leak out of the body and lingers into the air, and when Sairento wants he can have it to merge with the sword there by merging with him giving him a higher suply of chakra. It also have a final special ablity to transform into another kind of weapon.

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