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Defensive Type Shunshin
Name: Defensive Type Shunshin
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Hand Seals: N/A
Range: All Ranges
Inventor: N/A
User(s): Anyone
Parent Jutsu: N/A
Derived Jutsu: N/A


  • Distance Travelled
    • Elemental: 40 feet
    • Physical: 40 feet


Defensive type Shunshin, is another less commonly used shunshin that has qualities similar to that of the Distraction type shunshin. This is the average leveled B rank transportation jutsu. This type of shunshin is purely used for defensive purposes, and most often does not send the person all that far away within the battle. However, it does has its purposes in battle. Often creating traps or objects within the way of a charging opponent or opponents attack. This is mostly used with the elemental sub category. When used with an element, it can create a barrier with a damage tolerance or an object that can attack an opponent doing a specific amount of damage.

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